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Quality Control

     At TANISHQ BILLIARDS, we make this important choice easier by ensuring that every Cues Sports Tables is of superior quality, and we make Billiards and Snooker Tables with the variety of special playing characteristics demanded by experienced players and coaches.

     Our design process begins by considering the playing characteristics of each of the woods we use. Remember that we’re talking in general terms here, since each seasoned hard woods, and even each set of woods, is different. Fortunately, here at TANISHQ BILLIARDS we benefit from having played with hundreds of versions of particular models of tables, so we have learned from vast testing and experience how to design the tables “personalities” to perfectly suit the next generation of World Billiards and Snooker Champions.

     Careful attention is required to guard against drying the wood too rapidly, particularly in wood with thicker dimension. If not dried properly, the non-uniform stresses involved can cause cupping or twisting upon subsequent re-sawing or working. Once wood has been dried, it is allowed to “rest” in a climate controlled environment for several days to several months.

     The use of different Quality of Slates results in different playing characteristics. plus different woods need different treatment for best performance. At TANISHQ BILLIARDS we use the best slates and techniques for the best results for each type and combination of wood.

     As a long time Cue Sports Industry, Championship has had an ongoing research and development program to produce the best quality and most consistent playing Billiard tables made today. After consulting with professional players and leading Accessories Supplier Like Cloth,Balls, Cues, etc Championship has developed a line of Billiard tables that set new industry standards.

     To insure that Championship’s strict testing criteria and tolerances are met, we developed our own “state of the art” manufacturing facility and strict quality control measures assure maximum integrity of formula and proper cure of each and every production run. The result is a line of Billiard Tables with exacting tolerances required in durometer, dimensional accuracy, rebound, specific gravity elongation and overall performance.

     Through formula, quality control and all of the other factors mentioned above, Championship has obviated the need for a canvas control strip across the top of it’s Billiard tables. Feel free to contact Championship’s Sales Representatives if you would like to discuss why canvas control strips aren’t used on our Tables and how more often than not; canvas control strips cause inaccuracies in most of the tables out on the market today.

     Perhaps equally impressive to its accuracy is the price of Championship’s billiard tables. Championship is able to provide the industry with the most accurate playing tables known at prices competitive with lower quality imports.

     Making high quality billiard products at affordable prices is what we do here at Championship. Our line of Billiard tables is just another example of how we continue to “set the standards” in billiards.