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Billiards Table


Product Description

These tables have been manufactured for over 300 years and the main games played on a Billiard/Snooker Table include:- (a) three ball billiards - using two white balls and one red.

These tables are made in seven sizes:- 10' x 5' (305 x 152 cm) and 12' x 6' (366 x 183 cm). These different size Snooker/Billiard Tables have been manufactured since the 1870's, before this time the majority of tables were Full-Size which is 12' x 6' (366 x 183 cm). Tables today are manufactured in all seven sizes.

The game of Pool - both UK & American - can be played on a Snooker/ Billiard table of all sizes apart from Full-Size (12' x 6' - 366 x 183 cm). This game is played using a set of pool balls - which are numbered spots & stripes or red and yellow balls. In the case of American Pool - which is played with larger pool balls and slightly different pocket sizes and cushions, slight alterations to a Snooker/ Billiard Table would be required.